Angel Kiss was founded in September 19, 2014 . We are a handmade bag customization studio at the beginning. Many of our customers request tailor-made bag that is comfy suitable and special. We realized that This is what our customers need. Hand-made bag can meet the pursuit of more people. In order to provide more Trendy and durable bag to those who love it, we start our Brand: Angel Kiss.

What we believe:
To the planet: with the concept of protecting our planet and providing sustainable fashion bag. We don't sell bag made of animal skins and conserve natural resources. Besides we choose PU Leather as our mainly material, owing to its natually and Waterproof fabric.

To our customers: Instead of blindly following the normal fashion trends,We advocate that We women can be more Ourselves, Love ourselves and have our own independent ideas about life. Enjoy ourselves,enjoy our life, and enjoy our world.

Far away from mope emotion. Get on with confident life! You can be your own queen from choosing fashion brand-Angel Kiss!

To bring more new trend styles of outfits to more lovely ladies, Angel Kiss sells on its offical website ( . Welcome to follow us!

What we have:

Trendy and durable Handbag,Shoulder bag,Backpack and Mini bags, satchel. The material is mostly made of PU Leather.
Available in more colors . More creative idea about PU Leather that we are looking for, it is our pleasure if you can share with us about yours.

Why to buy?

Each Angelkiss product is carefully designed and handcrafted.With affordable price and satisfied quality Our bag are getting more and more attention now. It is all bout love and carness. Besides, we provide high-quality logistics services and customer service,local return warehouse, To be continued.

What value can we bring to you?

You can get beauty, self-confidence, more uniqueness, and enjoy higher quality of life with us.

Which situation is suitable?

Travel, Work, Party, Shopping, etc.

How to contact us:

Email address: or